Why Cashier & NoFraud?

With the Cashier and NoFraud integration, the checkout process is not only streamlined - it's protected. With fraud analysis, you can reduce or eliminate chargeback costs, and approve more orders while helping customers feel safe in checkout. 

Multi-currency billing

When combined with Bold Multi-Currency, you can display and collect payments in 150+ real-time currencies with no additional credit card conversion fees for your customers.

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Upsell after checkout

When combined with Product Upsell, Cashier offers upsells immediately after a customer completes their purchase, adding it to their order with a single click without re-entering their credit card or shipping information.

One-page checkout 

Experience the flexibility of a multi or single-page checkout. Increase conversion rates by simplifying the checkout experience and allowing customers to complete their checkout process on a single page.



How do you use Cashier and NoFraud together?

1. Install both apps.
2. Configure and set up Cashier.
2. Reach out to Cashier support to enable the integration. 

Install Cashier