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Create impulse purchases during curbside pick-up

Curb Up is the ecommerce accelerator exclusively brought to you by Bold and Knit Agency.  Winner of 2022 MACH Alliance MACHathon: Integration Champion.

Brands have long relied on impulse buying at checkout to drive incremental sales. 

From adding candy, gum, or magazines in the grocery line, to cables or batteries when selling electronics, strategically placed, high-margin items at checkout have been a reliable revenue source for retailers.  

Brands are now losing those impulse purchases with the increase in click and collect — 56% of consumers used click and collect at least 6 times last year.  That number is only increasing.

MACH Alliance - Integration Award

Introducing Curb Up!

Frictionless upsell and cross sell opportunities now delivered to the parking lot.

Learn how to quickly and easily implement this solution for curbside pick-up using Curb Up — the ecommerce game changer — from Bold Commerce and Knit Agency.

Contact us to learn how your brand can recapture the high margin revenue from lost impulse purchases today.