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Modern commerce: SaaS in an open source environment

Mike Sanchez, Chief Revenue Officer of Bold Commerce, delivers an insightful presentation on what brands today can do to differentiate themselves in the enterprise space. 

About the webinar

In today's competitive landscape, market differentiation is everything.

How can you create a personalized experience based on how your customers want to buy? Whether creating experiences for mobile, or IoT devices, augmented or virtual reality, or any digital space imaginable, brands that can enable commerce at the height of customer interest by selling where customers already are will be most successful in the competitive enterprise space. 

Learn about: 

  • Creating differentiated experiences in today's digital-first landscape.
  • Selling on any IoT device and make any moment shoppable.
  • Providing customers with a seamless omnichannel experience.

  • Rethinking the customer journey to cater to today's shopper. 

  • Elevating your checkout to reduce cart abandonment and drive revenue. 

Mike Sanchez brings a wealth of knowledge and industry-proven experience to this insightful presentation tailored to the retail enterprise space.  


On-demand webinar: 

Modern commerce: SaaS in an open source environment

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